Ink is a kind of paste mixture of pigments, binding agents (resin oils), additives such as diluent and liquid paraffin dispersions. It can be printed on a wide variety of materials such as cardboard, paper, metal foil, plastic, metal, leather through a printing press. The shapes of these substrate materials can be flat, cylindrical, etc. And the composition of the ink depends on the printing method and the material of the substrate.

According to the type of printing plate. Ink can be divided into 4 kinds:

  1.Lithographic printing ink

It is a general name of various inks suitable for lithographic printing. The surface of a lithography are basically in plane. The pattern area is oleophilic and non-pattern area is hydrophilic. Printing is based on the principle that oil and water repel each other. Therefore, lithographic ink must have water resistance. Common lithographic printing ink including offset printing ink, high gloss offset ink, resinous offset ink, web-fed-offset ink, sheet-fed offset ink, four colors process offset ink, quick-set offset ink, offset tin-printing ink, sterilization resistance offset tin-printing ink and collotype printing ink.


  2.Letterpress ink

It is the general name of various inks used in letterpress printing methods. It mainly including inks used in books, newspapers, pictures, bills, etc. The feature of letterpress ink is that the ink part of the printing plate is protruding from the part without ink. Common letterpress ink including letterpress ink for publication, letterpress color ink, rotary letterpress ink for publication, rotary letterpress news ink, rotary letterpress color news ink, copper plate printing ink, letterpress printing ink for plastic films and flexographic printing ink.


  3.Gravure printing ink

It is the general name of various inks used in gravure printing methods. When printing, the recessed pattern area of the plate is inked then scrape away the ink from the non-pattern area. It can be divided into engraved gravure ink and photographic gravure ink. Common gravure printing ink including soft packaging ink, cigarette wrapping ink and carton printing ink.


  4.Mesh printing ink

It is the general name of various inks used in mesh printing methods and widely used in textile printing, plastic printing, metal printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, electronic product printing and lottery printing, etc. Common mesh printing ink including paper screen printing ink, plastic screen printing ink, fabric screen printing ink, glass screen printing ink, ceramic screen printing ink, volatile drying solvent ink, etc.


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