Coating is a continuous film that is coated on the surface of a protected or decorated object and can be firmly attached to the coating. It is viscous liquid, usually made of resin, oil, and emulsion with or without pigments, fillers, additives, organic solvents or water.


After a long period of development, coating is particularly complex. In order to facilitate management and use, various classification methods of coatings were formed with its own characteristics. At present, most adopted coating classification are as follows:

  1. According to kinds of film-forming material, coating can be divided into alkyd resin coating, polyurethane coating, emulsion coating, nitrolacquer, acrylic coating, epoxy resin coating, etc.
  2. According to different usage, it can be divided into painted lacquer, wood lacquer, automotive coating, traffic paint, marine paint, glass coating, steel coating, etc.
  3. According to different drying methods, it can be divided into air-drying paint, stoving varnish, UV curing coating, etc.
  4. According to the form of coating, it can be divided into powder coating, liquid coating.
  5. According to function of coating, it can be divided into conducting paint, insulating paint, anti-rust paint, heat-resistant paint, etc.

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