Eight points for attention in selection and purchase of Sand Mill

1.Rotor material:grinding methods of sand mill are mainly divided into two types: one is rod-pin type rotor and grinding chamber, the second is disc type grinding. The grinding effect of rod-pin type is much better than that of disc type.

2.Cylinder material: in sand mill industry, most manufacturers will choose stainless steel material cylinder. But there are many different kinds of stainless steel, which needs to be confirmed by customer.

3.Equipment cooling and mechanical sealing effect:If the mechanical sealing effect is good. If there is leakage situation. How long is the approximate lifespan. The key point of these questions is that if the circulating liquid is made of water or solvent which is dissolved in the grinding material to avoid the product from being polluted in the production process and economic losses.

4.Separation device for Zirconium beads and Materials: In horizontal sand mill, the grinding medium is mainly separated from material by separation device which composed by dynamic ring and static ring.

5.Operation mode: The main control part is simple to operate.

6.Production efficiency: Reasonable structure design can improve production efficiency and product quality

7.Safety protection: The selection and quality of electric materials must ensure safety.

8.Replacement, color changing and cleaning of zirconium beads: What about the self-cleaning effect? If the design of grinding chamber is without dead angle?

These are the eight points customers need to pay attention to when choosing and purchasing sand mill. Hope it will be helpful. And welcome to consult with Changzhou Longxin Machinery Co., Ltd. The Sales hot-line: 0519-88608368

Application of Three Roller Mill in Ink Production

Grinding machine is widely used in many industries that relevant to our daily life. Due to the progress of technology, it is also constantly developing. Various grinding machine appear in production line. And these different kind of machine have their own features and advantages to work well with our production and life. Three roller mill is a kind of widely used grinding machine. It is more worthy to say that three roller mill is a more advantageous equipment machine for the ink production. Hereinafter is the use condition of three roller mill during ink production.
First, the operating principle of three roller mill:
The surface of the three rollers arranged horizontally is extruded and the friction of different speeds is used to achieve a certain grinding effect. Therefore, the three roller mill can grind the material thoroughly mainly because of the function of three rollers. Below is the features of three roller mill when producing ink.
1.The roller is usually made of cold-hard alloy cast iron by centrifugal casting so the hardness of surface is very high. Three roller mill is a high strength and wear-resistant grinding machine with strong toughness. Therefore, in the process of ink production, the function of roller will not be affected by external pressure and temperature.
2.The diameter of the roller is ground with high precision, so it can grind accurately to make the fineness of ink material less than 5 microns, thus producing uniform and fine products of high quality.
3.The drive system of three roller mill is also characteristic. It adopts multi-line sprocket soft start. So it's very efficient and smooth when operating without noise. In addition, it adopts row type hand-wheel screw to adjust the roll distance and make operation easy and accurate.
4.Three roller mills adjust the clearance between the rollers by controlling the horizontal hand-wheel screw. It can also adjust the particle size of the material. So in this way, the process of grinding ink become more convenient.
5.The three roller mill is equipped with a cooling device to dissipate the heat generated when the roller works.
In a word, three roller mills can not only achieve ultra-fine effect, but also achieve high efficiency. Its many features are able to adapt to the production of ink. Therefore, three roller mills in ink production is very promising.

Troubleshooting for Common Faults of Horizontal Grinder

Horizontal grinding machine is a ember of the grinding machine family, which is characterized by horizontal operating cylinder. In daily production, it is inevitable that there will be some faults, but many of them can be eliminated by customers.
If there are problem with water circulation, such as failure to work, you can check if the solenoid valve is stuck or damaged, and replace it if so.
If the motor is stuck, it may because the diaphragm pump's strength is not adjusted properly. It can be solved by adjusting the belt plate to reduce the pressure of filter, then restarting the motor.
If the diaphragm pump does not respond, check if the solenoid valve is damaged. If the valve rod is stuck, add a little transformer oil to the entrance of the pipe and insert it back into the pipe. Then increase pressure and knock on the pump body to solve the problem.
If the pressure gauge indicates that the pressure is too high, it may because that the sieve disc is blocked and need to be cleaned up.
If the cooling water is whitening, there may be a problem with the sealant.
Russian bearing position is heating more than 60℃, it may be lack of butter or bearing damage, should be repaired in time.

Tripartite consideration on the selection of grinding media for bead mill There are three factors to be considered when selecting suitable bead grinding media for bead mill: particle size, density and chemical composition.

1)Particle size
A filter screen is installed at the outlet of the bead mill, through which the dispersed slurry is passed, and the grinding media must be stopped. Therefore, the diameter of beads must be larger than that of sieve holes. Experience has shown that the diameter of the grinding media is at least half larger than the maximum diameter of the sieve hole, otherwise the screen will be easily blocked. Due to the wear of beads in the grinding process, the diameter of actually used media should be enlarged properly. On the basis of not blocking the sieve hole, smaller beads should be used to provide more abrasive contact points, that is, the particle size needs to select a relatively balanced diameter .
2) Density
For common vertical bead mill, the lower the density of grinding media, the smaller the tendency of them sinking to the bottom of bead mill, and the smaller the degree of wear of bead particles and the sand mill. But the dispersion force is also smaller.
Therefore, for those materials which are easy to disperse or the agglomerates of which are smaller, the beads with lower density are more suitable. On the contrary, high density beads should be used. At this time, the viscosity of the raw slurry should be slightly higher so as to reduce the deposition of beads and affect the dispersion.
3)Chemical composition
All grinding media, whatever their composition, should not be crushed by various stresses during normal grinding.
The above is some experience of us. Welcome to our company to experience more grinding machine products.